miami limousines

Miami can be a dirty city and it can be hard to get around in. Miami is hot and believe me, no one wants to walk through that blazing heat all day. This is why hiring a limousine service for whatever your occasion or special need is, is essential. However, the problem is, there’s so many limousine companies advertised and listed in Miami, how do you know which one to choose?

Availability – they’re not all going to be available. Some of them might be completely booked or slammed because of a sporting event or celebrity event. Let’s say Chris Brown is in town performing a concert at a stadium, there’s going to be a lot of limousines that cover this and go back and forth, so you’ll be hard pressed to find a good limousine service there. Find out how much availability each company has.

Find out what kind of timeline they usually run and how on time they usually are. You can go online and look up reviews if you’d like as well to see if people say they’re always on time.

Reviews – Do not hire anyone without reading some online reviews first. This isn’t the early 90s, when you see the name of a company, you can easily go online now and see a plethora of reviews if the company is popular. If the company is new and has no reviews, then you can probably skip that one, especially in a place like Miami where there’s a huge list of limousine services.

To find all the available limousine services, you can do a simple google search on google maps. Just type limousine services from your location and you’ll be shown a list of all the available companies, where they’re located, their number, their website if they have one and reviews if they have any left on google.

Online is a great place to find information on a lot of different things but you have to take these reviews for granted. The next thing you’ll want to do once you find a few you like is to call them by phone and ask a few questions.

When you call them up, be blunt and be upfront about what you’re trying to say.

  • Ask about how long it will take them to get to you and how long you can expect to wait. Will the driver wait around for you to complete your task or will you have to call them for another limousine transportation vehicle?
  • Ask directly about their rates and don’t let them make you second guess. This is how they charge customers an arm and a leg, by surprising them with some ridiculous rates.
  • Ask about their reliability and make sure to ask about how they background check their drivers. Do they make sure that all of their drivers are not only licensed but have clean criminal records? Do you want a felon driving you around or someone who has a record of theft? More than likely not.